Where does musical inspiration come from?

As with any artist, inspiration can come from most anything…surroundings, relationships (yours or others), politics (try to avoid that one), feelings (love’s always a good one).

Sometimes I get inspired in the most inopportune places, like when driving, or on several occasions, in the shower. Definitely hard to write!

I’ve been asked what I write first, the music or the lyrics.

Kind of like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg… Either way can work, though I do tend to write music first before lyrics. However, I usually have a topic or story in mind and may have hashed out a few lines before writing the music.

Instrumentals??? Well, that’s obvious. The bottom line is I try to keep my mind open to both musical and lyrical ideas. I have a pad of paper with me at all times to jot any ideas down before I forget them. Not to jump the gun, but ideas are already formulating for the 2nd album. When inspiration comes, let it flow!

By the way, the 11:11 album recording sessions are going well. Got to get the first album released before I dive into album #2.


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