Resurrection Of Black Album Reviews:

Rocking Charts – Serbia/Germany

“Resurrection Of Black has the potential to be submitted for one of the best releases to come out in 2015. Resurrection Of Black is one of those rare musical efforts that manage to sound like very little else. With derivative acts a dime a dozen on the current music scene, listening to such an album can be an exhilarating experience. It is first and foremost a collection of inspired, thought-provoking compositions performed by a group of amazingly talented, experienced musicians. A masterful blend of mainstream sensibilities, socially-aware lyrics, intriguing atmospheres and stunning instrumental and vocal performances, this is a unique album that is warmly recommended to progressive music fans.” Click on Rocking Charts to read the whole review.

Progstravaganza – Germany

“His guitar solos can also be described simple—they are great. Those guitars are adding the flavour of classic rock to his prog side, making his soloing even more striking.” Click on Progstravaganza to read the whole review.

The Moshville Times – U.K.

“On Resurrection of Black, Lanes Laire draw from a myriad of influences from across the musical spectrum and manage to make accessible yet intricate progressive rock.” Click on The Moshville Times to read the whole review.

Musicguy 247 – United States

“The song writing is superb, and the vocals are well thought out with lush harmonies.” Click on Musicguy 247 to read the whole review.

Prog-Sphere – Germany

“This is the type of album that motivated me to start reviewing in the first place. Between the catchy riffs, melodious leads, and soothing acoustics, Laire’s performance is definitely worthy of praise. In conclusion, this album is something that everybody who listens to Progressive Rock on ANY scale should listen to, hands down. In a scene where there are numerous clones and rehashes, this album is a breath of fresh air.” Click on Prog-Sphere to read the whole review.

Prog Critique – France

“Lanes Laire stands out by offering hyper licked compositions with catchy melodies and accessibility worn by all titles. Eight pieces in total, covering the whole range of progressive rock today. This variety, because of “Resurrection of Black” an interesting album. The CD packaging was designed by Cesar Cuevas worked super, bravo.” Click on Prog Critique to read the whole review (in French).

Lanes Laire Interviews:

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Perfect Prog – Brazil

Prog-Sphere – Germany

The Moshville Times – U.K.

Rocking Charts – Serbia/Germany

Progstravaganza – Germany