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  • 18/10/2015in Recent News, Video

    Resurrection Of Black Album Release Promo

    Here’s a taste of what you’ll hear from the long awaited definitive moody progressive album Resurrection Of Black....
  • Resurrection Of Black – The Definitive Moody Progressive album

    Putting moody progressive music on the map….our debut album Resurrection Of Black is in full production and will be released by the end of August. In a world of loops, sampling and people pressing a button on a computer and calling themselves “musicians,” it’s time to bring the vibrancy and excitement of classic rock back...
  • 15/12/2013in Recent News

    What Are Those Guitars???

    Since we updated our cover photo on Facebook, the most popular fan question was “What are those guitars in the picture?“ We’ll start with the Flying V It’s a Japanese copy of the classic Gibson Flying V, K.K. Downing style (Judas Priest). This was the 2nd electric guitar I owned. Bought it off a guy in...

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"The release of our album Resurrection Of Black will be released on November 7, 2015"